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Wedding lanterns from Wish Lantern are a wedding accessory fast sweeping the nation, as a safe and more peaceful alternative to fireworks, which create an amazing visual effect. They are similar to a mini hot air balloons, which are lit, and float into the sky, with a bright glow as they disappear from sight.

Wedding wish lanterns are traditionally used in Asia at celebrations throughout the year. Their release at a wedding reception symoblises hopes and wishes of good luck for the future, and the floating away of worries and problems.

Wedding wish lanterns are also known as Sky Lanterns, Chinese Lanterns, Flying Lanterns and Khoom Fay.

If you need wedding invitation printing as well as your wedding lanterns then why highly recommend printing london.

Wishlantern® are the largest lantern vendor in the UK and USA. 

We sell a range of high quality lanterns, candle bags and floating lanterns. which are dispatched same day from our warehouse in London.

Wish Lantern were the first lantern company to launch Eco Lanterns in the UK. 

Our Eco Wishlanterns are wire-free and 100% bio-degradable - using woolen string rather than wire.

Our Candle Bags make the perfect background lighting for outdoor events. 

Fill with a small amount of sand and then simply light a tea light inside the bag and light up your evening.


Wedding Wish Lanterns

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